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If The Kids Are United – Lyric Video

26.04.2013 in LYRICS

Sham 69 is one of Rancid’s favorite bands of all time. One of my favorite scenes in the movie Rude Boy is when Joe Strummer invites Jimmy Pursey of Sham 69 onstage to sing with the Clash. It’s a great moment. This is the twins…

The Answer – Lyric Video

22.04.2013 in LYRICS

This song was co-written with my friend Dave Berg-a talented songwriter who lives in Nashville. Dave has written four Number One country songs and has also co-written a handful of country songs that have reached the Top Ten. We had a good time writing this one.

Skeleton Crew – Lyric Video

12.04.2013 in LYRICS

DJs in the 60s, from the UK would bypass playing the smoother R&B from Tamla/Motown, and would instead choose to play artists on labels like Okeh, Champion and Cameo– rarer records on labels that would churn dance floors with their harder sound. We love to…

California Sun – Lyric Video

05.04.2013 in LYRICS

One of the most well known versions of this song is by a group called the Riviera’s. It went top 5 in 1964. The Dictators covered it and so did the Ramones- it was on their Leave Home album. It’s a true garage classic and…

Na Na Na – Lyric Video

29.03.2013 in LYRICS

When we go out on tour, I like to bring some sort of improv recording studio, just so we can capture any ideas, that come up –on the spot. This song was recorded on the Transplants tour bus 7 years ago. iTunes//Amazon//Spotify

King of the Jungle – Lyric Video

22.03.2013 in LYRICS

Rancid just played with the Last Resort this month on our recent UK tour. Rancid has always been a fan of leader Roi Pearce and the band. We give a nod to them on the song The Ballad of Jimmy and Johnny from our Let’s…

Battering Ram – Lyric Video

17.03.2013 in LYRICS

Times have changed since Rancid originally tracked this one in the summer of 1992. Everything was all word of mouth back then, like where to play, what bands and records to check out… and where to record. All we did around that time was play…

11th Hour

13.03.2013 in LYRICS, VIDEO

Written by Tim Timebomb Tim Timebomb-Guitar,Vocals John Morrical-Piano


12.03.2013 in LYRICS, VIDEO

This video first came out on May 31, 2011 and was kind of the roots of Tim Timebomb And Friends. It’s a performance of myself and my talented friend John Morrical–he’s also part of the Country Gentlemen, who back me up on country songs we…