Tim Timebomb and Friends | That’s What’s Knockin’ Me Out
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That’s What’s Knockin’ Me Out

01 May 2013, by Ben Rodriguez in A SONG A DAY


Bandleader, songwriter, and guitarist Jimmy Liggins recorded this one originally with his big band named the Drops Of Joy. They had a roaring sax section. Jimmy wrote and recorded songs for R&B Indy Specialty Records…he was label mates with Wynona Carr, Smokey Hogg, Willard McDaniel, The Soul Stirrers (which featured a young Sam Cooke), Larry Williams, Little Richard, and H-Bomb Ferguson.

Jimmy was writing, recording and performing rough and ready rockers in the late Forties.

Written by Jimmy Liggins

Tim Timebomb – Vocals and Bass
John Morrical – Piano
Anders Mouridsen – Guitar
Kevin Bivona – Melodica
Yo Yo Peerce – Drums