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Be There

26.06.2013 in A SONG A DAY

This song was recorded in Scranton, Pa. when I was tour with the Transplant$ during the 2005 Warped Tour ..The song features an 18 year old at the time, Kevin Bivona on piano. Kevin and I brought the tracks to California, and added Dash Hutton…


As Wicked

27.04.2013 in A SONG A DAY

iTunes//Amazon//Spotify We’re all looking forward to the Rancid, Transplant$, Interrupters tour this summer. It’s gonna be one helluva party! Written by Tim Timebomb, Matt Freeman, Lars Frederiksen Tim Timebomb- Guitar and Vocals Kate Strand- Background Vocals Anders Mouridsen- Guitar, B3 Organ Hunter Perrin- Guitarn Brett…


Trouble Version

19.04.2013 in VERSIONS

Written by Tim Timebomb and Pink Tim Timebomb – Lead Guitar Kevin Bivona – B3, Piano, Guitar Tim Hutton – Bass Dash Hutton – Drums, Percussion Mark Bush – cTrumpet Ruben Duranz – Trombone Robby Spengler – Tenor Sax


Humble Neighborhoods

23.01.2013 in A SONG A DAY

iTunes//Amazon//Spotify Humble Neighborhoods is a tune that I wrote with Pink ten years ago. Pink’s super talented and I was always a fan of how she approached this song. This is our take on it. Written by Tim Timebomb and Pink Tim Timebomb – Vocals,…


Na Na Na

29.12.2012 in A SONG A DAY

When we go out on tour, I like to bring some sort of improv recording studio, just so we can capture any ideas, that come up –on the spot. This song was recorded on the Transplants tour bus 7 years ago. Written by Tim Armstrong…