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Action Version

05.06.2013 in VERSIONS

Written by Tim Timebomb Tim Timebomb – Guitar Jesse Bivona – Drums Justin Bivona – Bass Kevin Bivona – Guitar

Wake Up

22.05.2013 in A SONG A DAY

On May 22, 2007 I released A Poets Life on Hellcat Records. To celebrate the 6 year anniversary of that record, here’s a different take on Wake Up. On this day in 2007 I left for Spain and ended up spending several months there. Joe…

Protest Song

25.02.2013 in A SONG A DAY

iTunes//Amazon//Spotify Protest Song was first recorded in a rocksteady style with the Aggrolites and me for the Poet’s Life record, but it didn’t make the cut.. Then a few years later Matt and I had a chance to record it for Devils Brigade. This song…

Oh No

22.01.2013 in A SONG A DAY

iTunes//Amazon//Spotify Here’s a different take on a track that was originally done on 2007’s “A Poet’s Life”. Tim Timebomb- Vocals, Guitar Kevin Bivona – Guitar Justin Bivona – Bass Jesse Bivona – Drums

Into Action

19.01.2013 in A SONG A DAY

iTunes//Amazon//Spotify This one goes out to all my friends and family in the Bay Area- I love you guys. Written by Tim Timebomb Tim Timebomb-Guitar, Vocals Kevin Bivona-Guitar Jesse Bivona-Drums Justin Bivona-Bass