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24 Jun 2013, by admin in A SONG A DAY


This one’s an old tin pan alley hit that cashed in on the latest craze of a Rudy Vallentino film back in 1921. Jack Teagarden and Red Nichols both recorded versions of it, making it a jazz standard in the 1930s. One of the composers, Ted Snyder was posting theater bills and playing cafe piano in Chicago. Harry Smith was a music and drama critic in Chicago. They began collaborating on Broadway scores after moving to NYC.

Written by Harry Smith, Ted Snyder, Francis Wheeler

Tim Timebomb – Guitar
Jeffrey Moran – Guitar
Patrick Morrison – Banjo
Carlos Reynoso – Washboard
Dominique Rodriguez – Drum/Cymbal/Block
Brandon Armstrong – Sousaphone
Justin Rubenstein – Trombone
Charles De Castro – Trumpet
Josh Kaufman – Clarinet