Tim Timebomb and Friends | Oklahoma Hills
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Oklahoma Hills

07 Mar 2013, by Ben Rodriguez in A SONG A DAY


One of my first memories of my dad was singing this Woody Guthrie song the “Oklahoma Hills where I was born”. It was one of my dad’s favorites. My grandparents came from Oklahoma in 1927 to work on farms in the Imperial Valley California about 10 miles from Mexico. My dad lived on the farm until he was 15 years old, until his dad passed away on a tractor, while out working in the fields. So, at the age of 15 my father moved to the city, with his only possession’s being one bag, and a wealth of knowledge of the great american cowboy song.

Dedicated to Don Armstrong 1931-2012.

Written By Woody Guthrie

Tim Timebomb-Guitar
Anders Mouridsen-Guitar
John Morrical- Piano