Tim Timebomb and Friends | It Rains, Rain
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It Rains, Rain

10 Feb 2013, by Ben Rodriguez in A SONG A DAY



This cool little country number was originally done by singer Glen Glenn and was written by country performer/comedian Pete Stamper. He had a way with words and song titles. Pete’s like the Yogi Berra of Country and Western. Pete also wrote and performed a tune called “A Chevy–Kaiser-Olds-Mo-Laca-Stud-War-Linco-Baker” about a car he Frankensteined out of a bunch of different car parts.

Me and the LA Country Gentleman put down this song written by him for your listening pleasure.

Written by Pete Stamper

Tim Timebomb-Vocals, Guitar
Hunter Perrin-Guitar
John Morrical-Piano
Brett Simons-Bass
Jamie Douglass-Drums
Craig Eastman-Fiddle
Doug Livingston-Pedal Steel Guitar
Aimee Interrrupter, Jordis Unga- Background Vocals