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Dance Dance Dance

03 Jul 2013, by Ben Rodriguez in A SONG A DAY

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Dance Dance Dance is a song originally recorded by Newark, NJ’s Pearl & The Deltars. It was the B Side to Teenage Dream, which came out on Fury Records in 1961. Fury was a Harlem based record label started by Bobby Robinson who lived to be 93 years old. He ran Fire and Fury records in the late 50s- early 60s, and produced songs like Sugar Babe by Buster Brown, Jack That Cat Was Clean by Dr. Horse, Gravy Train by Riff Ruffin, along with singles by Wilbert Harrison who recorded the original Kansas City- later done by The Beatles, and also put out singles by Little Joe Cook, Lee Dorsey, Little Junior Lewis and a pre-Motown Gladys Knight. Fury and Fire artists were predominantly heavy duty R&B vocalists. Pearl & The Deltars, were made up of first tenor-Carl Williams, second tenor-James Straite, baritone-Luther Morton, bass-Bootsie Aaron Brodnick, and lead vocalist Pearl McKinnon. Pearl also wrote and performed with the Kodaks- who were Doo Wop royalty. We got the Interrupters as the backing band on this one. Aimee and Jordis are singing background together on one microphone, which gives it that late 50s early 60s mono vibe. This is our take on Dance, Dance, Dance.

Written by Pearl McKinnon & The Deltars, The Kodaks

Tim Timebomb – Guitar, Vocals
Kevin Bivona – Piano, Guitar
Justin Bivona – Bass
Jesse Bivona – Drums
Aimee Interrupter – Background Vocals, Hand Claps
Jordis Unga – Background Vocals, Hand Claps