Tim Timebomb and Friends | Cuz I Ain’t Gone Yet
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Cuz I Ain’t Gone Yet

02 Dec 2012, by Ben Rodriguez in A SONG A DAY


In the winter of 1986 I took a Greyhound bus from Oakland, Ca. to New York City, and my only luggage was my Fender acoustic guitar. I had been thinking about moving there. When I got to New York it was colder than I ever expected, and then I read that a punk club was opening up in my neighborhood in the East Bay–Gilman Street. So I returned for the opening show on New Year’s Eve. The first verse of this song is inspired by that trip to New York. We brought in Becky Stark, a great musician in the scene, to perform on this one. The first time I met Becky Stark I went over to her house with a friend of mine. I brought my acoustic guitar over with me, as I often do, (the same guitar I took to NY in 1986), and immediately we started playing songs together.

Tim Timebomb-Guitar, Vocals
Kevin Bivona-Drums, Bass, B3 Organ
Mark Switzer-Banjo
Becky Stark- BG Vocals