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Battering Ram – Lyric Video

17.03.2013 in LYRICS

Times have changed since Rancid originally tracked this one in the summer of 1992. Everything was all word of mouth back then, like where to play, what bands and records to check out… and where to record. All we did around that time was play…

11th Hour

13.03.2013 in LYRICS, VIDEO

Written by Tim Timebomb Tim Timebomb-Guitar,Vocals John Morrical-Piano


12.03.2013 in LYRICS, VIDEO

This video first came out on May 31, 2011 and was kind of the roots of Tim Timebomb And Friends. It’s a performance of myself and my talented friend John Morrical–he’s also part of the Country Gentlemen, who back me up on country songs we…

Wrongful Suspicion – Lyric Video

08.03.2013 in LYRICS

When we were in London, we asked our good friend Jamie T to be our guest on this version of “Wrongful Suspicion”. It’s always fun being with Jamie, and playing music together– whenever we are lucky enough, and the planets decide to line up. iTunes//Amazon//Spotify

Ramblin’ Man – Lyric Video

04.03.2013 in LYRICS

This one here is another song we recorded by the late great Hank Williams Sr. –Tales of wanderer’s are a common theme in many songs written by Hank. This tune originally from 1951 is about a drifter- doomed to break a lovers heart. iTunes//Amazon//Spotify