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Thrill Me

18.08.2013 in A SONG A DAY, A SONG A WEEK

iTunes//Amazon//Spotify The Mello-Kings had a national Doo-Wop hit called , “Tonite, Tonite.” They were a vocal group from Mt. Vernon, a working class suburb of New York City, just north of the Bronx. They attended George Washington High. In 1956, they were gaining local attention…


17.08.2013 in A SONG A DAY

Anyone who loves early rock and roll and New Orleans music in particular has most likely heard tracks that came out through Minit Records. That label was a musical home to the likes of Ernie K- Doe, Jessie Hill, Boogie Jake and Irma Thomas… and…

Be Yourself

16.08.2013 in A SONG A DAY

Prior to 1970s Philly Soul era, there was also an era of Philly Soul made popular by the production and songwriting team of Frank Bendinelli and Leroy Lovett, who produced groups from the early to late 1960s, including The Companions who put out the song…

How Will I Know

14.08.2013 in A SONG A DAY

iTunes//Amazon//Spotify “How Will I Know” was a single originally recorded & released for Firefly Records in 1960 by Doo Wop group, The Strands. The B-Side for that single was “Must You Go So Soon”. From 1958-1960 L.A. based Firefly put out records by The Rainbows,…

Down The Road

07.08.2013 in A SONG A DAY

iTunes//Amazon//Spotify In 1937 the oil business was just beginning in Trinidad and Tobego. Calypso singer, The Tiger put out this song to talk about the Butler Riots which took place on June 19, 1937. The birth of Trinidad’s labor movement, named for Uriah Butler, a…