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Be Yourself

16 Aug 2013, by Ben Rodriguez in A SONG A DAY


Prior to 1970s Philly Soul era, there was also an era of Philly Soul made popular by the production and songwriting team of Frank Bendinelli and Leroy Lovett, who produced groups from the early to late 1960s, including The Companions who put out the song “Be Yourself” in 1964. The original record became a regional Doo-Wop hit in that city.

The Companions were singers Larry Pinder, Ebert Holmes and Herman Johnson. Both sides of the Companions 45 were co-written by Cindy Scott, who also had a group called the Cousins, that were produced by Lovett and Bendinelli who formed a production company, Ben-Lee Music, that made tracks that were licensed to Philadelphia labels, like General American. The Ben-Lee team produced Philadelphia soul groups with great doo wop harmonies and peppy horn parts for artist Patty And The Emblems, The Intruders, Timmy And The Emprees, The Colt 45s and The Persianettes.

Here’s our take on “Be Yourself”.

Written by W. Hamilton and L.C. Scott

Tim Timebomb – Vocals, Guitar
Kevin Bivona – Piano, Melodica, Background Vocals
Justin Bivona – Bass
Jesse Bivona – Drums