Tim Timebomb and Friends | 2013 January
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January 2013


In the City

31.01.2013 in A SONG A DAY

iTunes//Amazon//Spotify The Jam were rockin’ man. Their version of this song get’s the fuck down! Written by Paul Weller Tim Timebomb – Vocals, Guitar Kevin Bivona – Guitar, B3 Organ, Background Vocals Justin Bivona – Bass Jesse Bivona – Drums

80,000 Miles of Wire

30.01.2013 in A SONG A DAY

  iTunes//Amazon//Spotify When I was a kid I could look out from my front porch and see the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco and imagined what lied beyond the horizon. I used to read books about that bridge and how it was built and…

Life’s for Livin’

29.01.2013 in A SONG A DAY

iTunes//Amazon//Spotify This song is about a kid who was born and lived in the same neighborhood. Needing a change of scenery the kid seeks something bigger by leaving home to set out and do some livin’, instead of waiting for life to happen. Written by…

The Times They Are A Changin’

28.01.2013 in A SONG A DAY

iTunes//Amazon//Spotify Bob Dylan’s my favorite songwriter of all time. Kevin and I put this one down live 15 minutes ago. Written by Bob Dylan Tim Timebomb-Vocals, Guitar Kevin Bivona-Guitar

Walkin in the Rain

27.01.2013 in A SONG A DAY

iTunes//Amazon//Spotify Harry Vanda and George Young began as a mod band called the Easybeats. I always had a tough time tryng to put my finger on what Flash And The Pan was…were they rock, new wave? They were also hella producers, who recorded the early…